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For several decades now ecomed-Storck GmbH publishers have provided professionals in the dangerous goods, trade and transport industry with tools for their everyday work. We also publish trade directories for the shipping and container industry.

ecomed-Storck publishers also covers the fields of fire safety, hazardous substances and workplace safety.

The “Storck Guide” for safe loading and stowage of dangerous goods in transport units and containers has gained us international recognition. Amendment 38-16 to the IMDG Code is applicable as of January 2017. It entails new specifications for safe stowage and segregation of dangerous cargo in sea transportation. The Storck Guide – both as a ring binder that opens flat on your desk and as Windows software (WIN 2000 and later) for your desktop PC or laptop – are appreciated internationally as valuable and time-saving tools. The software comes in two versions: the „Storck Packing Guide” for those who have to plan (and actually monitor) the packing of dangerous goods into containers, and the “Complete Storck Guide” which extended coverage of regulations and requirements for stowage aboard ships: the preferred solution for ship planners and terminals. The softwares provides search options for “UN number” and “substance name”. Plus you can “park” incompatible items and retrieve them later – e.g. for loading into the next container.

With another up-to-date product we help you to build a well-connected container logistics network. “Container Contacts 2017” is the quick professional support for any problem that arises anywhere in Europe with your containers. It serves you with the carefully updated contact details of 2,600 container companies in 35 European countries. It carefully researched and completely revised and even includes the official BIC Owners Code. An electronic version database with a wide range of search functions is also available on request.

A new pocket-sized Infocard containing all essentials for “Securing loads in overseas containers” is on offer as well. It covers the basics and all steps from loading and securing to sealing overseas containers. A perfect add-on for marketing and training purposes.

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